Flute Lessons


With over a decade of teaching and a doctorate in flute performance, I have extensive experience teaching flute lessons to students from beginners to advanced, as well as beginner piano lessons. I teach at my studio in Brooklyn, in-home lessons in Park Slope, and online to students all over the world.

In my studio, I believe that my role is to steer students toward a deeper understanding of themselves, their instrument, and their relationship to music. I tailor my teaching to the needs of my individual students, who currently range from age 7 to adult, often adding improvisation and extended techniques to increase my students’ awareness of the potential of the flute as a channel for one’s creativity.

In addition to my private studio, I currently teach at Sarah Lawrence College and St. Francis College. I have previously taught at Bloomsburg University, in Colorado, Westchester, NY, and throughout New York City. I’ve been on faculty at The Harmony Program and the Denver Public School’s Saturday Music Program, where I taught beginning flute classes to public school children. I frequently give masterclasses and workshops at colleges and music schools and have taught music classes at Purchase College and Hostos Community College.

My students have achieved acceptance into graduate school at SUNY Purchase College, LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, Brooklyn Youth Music Project Orchestra, New York Pops Kids on Stage, and other programs.


Rates for lessons are as follows:
30 min $50
45 min $70
60 min $85

Weekly lessons are required for young students, and I will work with adult students to fit their schedules.


Please fill out the contact form on my Contact Page if you are interested in setting up a free trial lesson.


She’s very knowledgeable and has a great way of teaching. There’s absolutely no pressure and I feel very comfortable even when I make mistakes. I’ve played flute for a long time but I needed to “fine tune” some things so I definitely picked the right teacher! I would highly recommend Roberta to any flute player no matter what level you’re on! (Just a note: Just in the first lesson I learned SO much! I was already sounding better!)
–Donna Q., current student

My 13 year old daughter has been taking flute lessons with Roberta for the past two and a half years. She has made remarkable progress during this time. Roberta is a wonderful flutist and an extraordinary, dedicated teacher. She inspires and motivates her students, and knows how to communicate with them on the appropriate level. She has a warm personality and a good sense of humor. My daughter always looks forward to her lessons with Roberta. I highly recommend Roberta both as a flutist and as a flute teacher for any level of student.
–Jonathan G., parent of current student

My daughter switched to learning with Roberta after 2 years of flute lessons, and the difference now that she is learning with Roberta has been amazing. With her warmth and enthusiasm, Roberta inspires and encourages my daughter to continuously improve, and my daughter has finally started enjoying playing flute again. I am very happy with the rate at which my daughter is progressing, with her lessons having an equal emphasis on technical skill and musicality.
–Dina L., parent of current student

I come to the flute late in life, though with a background in Celtic music on simpler wind instruments. Roberta has guided me skillfully and with compassionate direction since I embarked on my flute journey. She is helping me make the transition from folk instruments to the flute in as painless a manner as is likely to be possible. I look forward to each lesson and am highly motivated to practice in order to continue to derive the full benefits of Roberta’s considerable knowledge, wisdom, artistry and instructional skill. When a particular element of a lesson goes well, it is sometimes hard to tell who is the most delighted–the student or the teacher.
–Tom D., current student